We Accept All Major Insurance

The distinction between "In-Network" and "Out-of-Network" can often bewilder patients when it comes to their dental insurance provider and its implications. While the term "out-of-network" might imply that the practice doesn't accept your insurance, this isn't always true and is contingent on the specific type of insurance plan you hold.

PPO Plans

PPO plans offer considerably more flexibility, and the differentiation between in-network and out-of-network providers is less restrictive. When a dental practice is in-network with a PPO insurance provider, it signifies that they have an agreement allowing the practice to charge the patient a smaller portion of the total cost for treatment services. Nonetheless, even the out-of-network expenses are frequently quite reasonable.

HMO Plans

HMO plans exclusively provide coverage for dental services administered by dentists within their network, and referrals to specialists must be initiated by the dentist within that network. If you're enrolled in an HMO plan, it's essential to ensure you select a dentist who is part of their network.

Choosing a Dentist

Irrespective of insurance considerations, we urge you to choose your dentist based on other critical factors, including their availability to fit your busy schedule and the level of accommodation provided by both the dentist and their staff.

If you have any inquiries regarding your insurance or how we would manage it, please don't hesitate to contact us today. We're delighted to address any questions you may have and arrange an appointment for you within our convenient office hours.