David Myaskovsky, DDS, MSD
David Myaskovsky, DDS, MSD

Dr. Myaskovsky has built a reputation for his expertise in cosmetic and general dentistry. He has developed an exclusive cosmetic and family dentistry practice in Bothell Washington. His artistic and design skills helped to build his exclusive, modern office.

Dr. Myaskovsky believes that improving his patient's smiles, through a conservative cosmetic dental approach, has a positive impact on their overall appearance and self-confidence. He dedicates his practice to informing and educating his patients about cosmetic dentistry.

Dr. Myaskovsky graduated in 1993 from UW Dental School. Prior to this he graduated from Perm Medical School ( former USSR) and erned MSD in periodontics ( 1979 ) from Moscow Central Institute of Stomatology. Dr. Myaskovsky contributing author to major dental journals in Russia. His unique dental research about etiology and pathogenesis of periodontal desease, and connections with atherosclerosis today is one of the main theory in this field. Dr. Myaskovsky is a pioneer in this research. He has made the First Laboratory of Functional Diagnostics in Dentistry, developed many patents in dental field and one of the first developed Oral Hydromassage and other treatments of Periodontal Desease.

Many of his patients have traveled to personally experience Dr. Myaskovsky's distinctive blend of skill, experience, artistic sense, conservative philosophy, and expertise.

Dr. Myaskovsky has written many articles. Below is a list of some of his published articles.

Published Articles

Treatment of pulpitis using a helium-neon laser, Kunin AA, Miaskovskiĭ DG.
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