Mini Dental Implants

Affordable & Secure Tooth Replacement If you've lost all your teeth in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both, mini dental implants offer an affordable and secure solution for replacing your teeth and restoring your smile. Unlike traditional dental implants, where there is one implant for each new tooth, mini dental implants provide a foundation for several teeth to be replaced at once.

Mini dental implants are especially beneficial for those who are not eligible for regular dental implants due to bone loss in the jaw. Tooth loss and dental conditions like periodontitis often lead to bone loss, which can leave insufficient bone structure for anchoring full-sized implants. Mini dental implants, with their smaller size and fewer needed, can provide an alternative for people with bone loss.

What Are Mini Dental Implants?

Mini dental implants serve as the foundation for removable arches of replacement teeth, commonly known as dentures. Unlike traditional dentures, which rely on suction or adhesive to stay in place, implant-supported dentures securely clip onto the mini implants. This enhanced stability is particularly advantageous for individuals replacing their lower arch of teeth, as standard lower dentures tend to be less stable than upper dentures. The increased stability of mini dental implants enables most patients to reintroduce tougher and harder foods into their diets, which can improve their quality of life and nutrition.

Mini Dental Implants Are More Affordable

Affordability of Mini Dental Implants Mini dental implants are often more affordable than traditional implants because they require fewer implants to secure dentures. Typically, two, four, or six mini implants are adequate to anchor dentures. Additionally, retrofitting your existing dentures with snaps for attachment to mini dental implants is a cost-saving option. If you are a denture wearer and are satisfied with your current dentures or wish to reduce expenses, it is often possible to add snaps to your existing dentures so you can continue wearing them with your new dental implants. However, if you desire an upgrade or a new look for your teeth, we can design new custom dentures to complement your mini dental implants.

Preventing Bone Loss with Mini Dental Implants One of the key reasons for bone loss following tooth loss is the lack of sensory input from biting and chewing. The roots of natural teeth transfer bite force into the jawbone, stimulating the bone to renew and regenerate continuously. However, when you lose your teeth or have them extracted, your jawbone no longer receives the signal to regenerate, even when you chew with dentures. With mini dental implants, the force generated by biting travels through your replacement teeth, into the implants, and ultimately into the bone. This stimulation can encourage bone regeneration and prevent further bone loss.

Discuss with us at your next appointment whether mini dental implants are a suitable restorative solution for you. We can provide more information and determine the best treatment approach for your unique needs.